Ostibon® Tablet

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Bone & Joint Health Supplement

Suggested use level:

  • 1-2 Tablets daily or as advised


  • Ostibon Tablet provides the daily requirement of Calcium and Essential Vitamins to Support Bone Health
  • Sugar Free, Plant-Based & Allergen Free.
  • High Absorption Aquamin Calcium (Aquamin is a plant source of Calcium, which is 46% more bioavailable than commonly used limestone calcium)
  • Enhanced with Vitamin D3 & Vitamin K2.
  • Non-irritating to the Stomach.

Pack Size: 30 Tablets

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ostibon®?

It is a natural combination of calcium components of plant origin Aquamin and vitamin C, D3 and K2 to promote bone health.

What is Aquamin?

Aquamin is a multi-mineral complex derived from the red marine algae Lithothamnion calcareum – that provides a host of health benefits from bone to joint and hydration.  This unique algae looks to the human eye more like what we would picture when think of a coral than an algae.

How safe is Aquamin?

FDA recognizes Aquamin as GRAS, meaning that it is Generally Regarded as Safe.

What are the benefits of Ostibon®?

Ostibon® fulfils daily requirement of calcium and essential vitamins to support bone health. Ostibon® helps in regulation of calcium metabolism, absorption and benefits required for the building of bones and teeth. It maintains normal functions of the immune system & normal muscle functions. It also supports in management of Osteoarthritis & Osteoporosis.

Are there any side effects of Ostibon®?

Ostibon® is a clinically proven solution which has no side effects unlike analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

How to take Ostibon®?

It is recommended to take 1-2 tablets per day or as advised. Ostibon® may be taken with or without food.

Can I use it with other medicines?

Usually, food supplements are safe to use. But it is always advised to consult a physician if you are currently taking prescribed medicines. People taking anticoagulants containing vitamin K antagonists (e.g. warfarin) should consult a physician before using Ostibon®.

Is it approved by Health authorities?

Yes, it is approved by the Drug regulatory authority of Pakistan (DRAP).


1 review for Ostibon® Tablet

  1. Sharmeen

    Ostibon Tablet at first I heard that its available for my mom and after sometime end up with great positive result, so I started it for myself and its quite amazing result and I become gained confidence with myself. Further I used it for parrots for breeding and it also work on their feathers shinning.

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Osnate, calcium, best calcium supplement, bone, and joint health supplement, Aquamin Calcium,   Vitamin D3 & Vitamin K2, CAC 1000 plus



Osnate, calcium, best calcium supplement, bone, and joint health supplement, Aquamin Calcium,   Vitamin D3 & Vitamin K2, CAC 1000 plus


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