Each 5 ml bottle Provides:

Spores of poly-antibiotic-resistant Bacillus clausii – 2 Billion CFU /5ml

Suggested use level:

  • 1-2 bottles/ per day for infants & children
  • 2-3 bottles/day for adult or as advised by the physician


  • Oral suspension probiotics for all types of diarrhea
  • Management of acute or chronic diarrhea i.e., infectious diarrhea, traveler’s diarrhea, and antibiotic- associated diarrhea
  • Supports digestive health in conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), irritable bowel disease (IBD), gastroenteritis, and colitis
  • Helps correct avitaminosis and contributes to the restoration of intestinal microflora altered during antibiotic treatment or chemotherapy
  • Averts nasal allergies and upper respiratory tract infections
  • Boosts immune function

Pack Size: 10 bottles


Ospor is a ready to drink Probiotic for all. 2 Billion Bacillus Clausii spores strains from USA. Helps manage diarrhea and reduces upset stomach side effect of antibiotics. Cost Effective from other options.