Kefentech® Plaster


Topical NSAIDs

Each Plaster Provides: Ketoprofen 30mg


  • Anti-inflammatory Analgesic
  • Transdermal plaster which avoids 1st pass Metabolism
  • Non-invasive and provides convenience for geriatric patients

Pack Size: 10 Transdermal Patches



Kefentech is designed to relieve pain and swelling, the popular Kefentech Pain Relief Patches effectively delivers ketoprofen through the skin to the target area, providing quick relief for osteoarthritis, tennis elbow, muscle ache, sports and exercise related injuries, such as sprains, strains and bruises.

It is a Pain Relieving Transdermal Plaster containing 30mg of Ketoprofen.

The pain relief plaster is Non-Invasive, Avoids 1st pass Metabolism, Avoids G.I Incompatibility, Fast Onset of Action & Safer than Oral NSAID. This patch can also be categorized as an Anti-inflammatory Analgesic. It also Provides convenience for geriatric patients