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Vitamin A Supplement

Each Drop Provides:

Vitamin A – 2666 IU

Suggested use level:

  • 1 drop or as advised


  • Supports in maintenance of Vitamin A levels in the body
  • Fulfils the required therapeutic dosage of Vitamin A in Measles, Diarrhea, and Xerophthalmia as per WHO guidelines.

Pack Size: 10 ml oral drops

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vitamin A?

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that is required by our body. It cannot be synthesized by the body, thus consumption through food is necessary.

What are the benefits of Vitamin A?
Vitamin A protects children against nutritional blindness and is essential for the functioning of the immune system i.e. it enhances children’s disease resistance capacity and protects against illness/morbidity, and reduces deaths/mortality. Therefore, it is essential for child survival.
Preventing Vitamin A deficiency in pregnant women reduces chances of maternal morbidity and mortality.

At what age should children be given Vitamin A supplementation?
A prophylactic (preventive) dose of Vitamin A supplementation should be given to all children in the age group of 9-36 months at 6 monthly intervals. However, children between 3-5 years can also be given Vitamin A supplementation at 6 monthly intervals. Ideally, a child should have received the complete 5 doses of VA by the age of 3 years.

Is the Vitamin A solution dosage safe for children?
When administered in recommended doses i.e. 1 ml for children between 9-12 months and 2 ml. for children above 1 year, it is effective and safe.

Is it approved by Health authorities?

Yes, it is approved by the Drug regulatory authority of Pakistan (DRAP).


2 reviews for A Max®

  1. SHahrukh Jamal

    Very good product.
    Easy to use for children

  2. Ali (verified owner)

    Perfect 5 star

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Vitamin A Drops for infants, Vitamin A in Measles, Vitamin A in blindness, Vitamin A supplements



Vitamin A Drops for infants, Vitamin A in Measles, Vitamin A in blindness, Vitamin A supplements

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