Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy pertains to handling and usage of any personal information provided to us on controlled by Matrix Pharma. This Privacy Policy also provides the user of a detailed guidance and information on data collection. Please refer to the “Terms of Use” for further user guidance.

Personal Information:

  1. “Personal information” is any information that is submitted by the user through while using the Matrix Pharma website. This information shall be recorded for the purposes of data collection and/or for marketing.
  2. Personal information shall include the name, postal address, telephone number.
  3. “Sensitive Personal Information” shall include any medical information of the user, including blood group type, any affiliates, and any other contact information.
  4. By using this website or participating in any surveys, programs, other activities or correspondence, conducted by Matrix Pharma on the website, you are consenting to data collection.
  1. Matrix Pharma shall not be responsible for third-party usage of personal data and does not provide any guarantee if information/data is mishandled or used by unauthorized third-parties.
  2. Submission of personal information on the website shall be at the user’s own risk.

Data Collection:

  1. For the purposes of this Policy, data will include ‘personal information’ that shall be collected through any survey, or through any correspondence not limited to telecommunication or via entering any programs curated and held by Matrix Pharma.
  2. Any technical information such as web browsing shall also be recorded including but not limited to, user’s URL, active browser IP address and may also extract websites history.
  3. Any collected data/ personal information may also be used for user facilitation, send promotions, product announcements and marketing, invitation to any events and webinars held by Matrix.

Third-party Data Usage:

Matrix Pharma may use and share user data with Third-Parties in instances for the purposes of:

  1. Any join ventures or programs;
  2. In case of sale or transfer of a product
  • Contractual vendors
  1. When required by law, for national security and assisting the Government of Pakistan in research based queries.

Data Storage

Data shall be stored, processed, collected and transferred to countries other than your own place of residence. By using and participating in any surveys and programs designed by Matrix Pharma, or by providing any information, you consent to this collection, transfer, storage, and processing of information to and in such countries other than Pakistan.